The highest technology in topographic survey

The highest technology in topographic survey

It's time to take the<br>big technological leap

It's time to take the
big technological leap

Reduce costs<br>and optimize time

Reduce costs
and optimize time

Topographic survey in minutes

PantherScan Pro 5X makes it easy to capture and connect data from everything around us. From the built environment to the natural world.
PantherScan Pro 5X technology gives people the power to collect geospatial data from some of the most challenging environments, whether indoors, outdoors, underground, everywhere.

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PantherScan Pro5X



Cost Savings

Annual cost savings up to 70%


Optimize time

Optimizes point registration time by 200%


Greater security

Reduction in exposure and occupational risk in the area (Less personnel)



Quick and accurate information on the state of the mine

Differences in Productivity

Time for a 1000 m survey. tunnel

Conventional Topography

6 days

Laser Topography

1 hour

Technical Differences

With the PantherScan Pro 5X point processing is faster and visually superior.

Conventional Topography
Laser topography
Survey Type
Backpack, cane, vehicles in hand
Total station
Mobile Laser Scanner, Total Station, Forehead Directional Laser
Front Marking
With plumb bobs and ropes for vising and gradients, 15 to 20m.
With directional laser equipment, metric rope and laser for 60 to 70m.
Topographic polygonal
Parking with spikes and plumb lines on the work ceiling
With transportable steel bases and total stations with gyroscope
Information and Data
After 6 days of lifting in the field, 2 days of processing in the office
50 minutes of surveying 1 hour of information processing

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